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Renters Insurance

Understanding Renters Insurance

You've heard of homeowners insurance, but renter's insurance is a little bit less common. Less than half of the people who rent living space in the United States have renters insurance, but everyone can benefit.

If you're someone who wants to be protected from costs associated with damage to personal property and liability while you rent, it's crucial to consider renters insurance. The process for obtaining renters insurance is easy. First, you'll take an inventory of all the things that you would want to be covered if something would happen to the space that you rent. It's easy to think that you don't have anything that needs coverage, but that's likely, not true. As you go through your day, think about the things that you depend on. Your phone? Your laptop? A Google Home or Alexa? Your furniture? A renters insurance policy can protect all of these items.

Next, you'll want to consider how much coverage you need. You may want to consider how likely it is that your space may be damaged. Think about the safety of your neighborhood, severe weather that your area may experience, and how well your landlord keeps up with building maintenance. Of course, it's always smart to be on the side of more coverage.

Finally, it's time to shop for coverage. At Alliance Insurance Agency in Texas, we pride ourselves on helping renters get the coverage that they need. We'll talk with you about your concerns with renters insurance, and we'll work with you to find coverage that makes sense for your budget. Renters insurance is one of those things that you want to have in place before you need it. Don't waste another moment debating whether you need renters insurance- if you rent, you need it! Reach out to our agents at Alliance Insurance Agency to start shopping for a policy that makes sense for your needs today.

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