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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

You might feel that auto insurance is one of the lesser exciting aspects of vehicle ownership, but here at Alliance Insurance Agency, we're passionate about your safety. We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive protection as you brave the roads of Texas because safe and insured driving is the ultimate key to freedom.

Auto Insurance Requirements in the State of Texas

Each state has its regulations concerning car insurance coverage. While the Lone Star state doesn't overwhelm drivers with excessive coverage requirements, our local legislators do their best to keep everyone safe on the road and out of trouble in case of an accident.

In this state, the following types of car insurance are required:

  • Bodily injury liability: 30 thousand dollars per person and 60 thousand dollars per accident
  • Property damage liability: 25 thousand dollars general limit

Those are the only requirements governed by state law. If you wish to register a vehicle or renew your license as a Texas resident, you must comply with the above.

Addition Coverage for Ultimate Protection

Though you can guarantee that you're a great driver, you can never trust any of your fellow drivers on the road with you. You can only hope that the driver in front of you is not under the influence of drugs, is fully insured, and won't cause a fender bender or a worse collision.

At Alliance Insurance Agency, we can provide you peace of mind through extended coverage options. For instance, it's wise to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, in case the driver who crashes into you has no coverage at all. Also, personal injury protection is a must-have in case you or your passengers are fatally or seriously injured in an accident. This type of coverage can even extend to funeral expenses.

To ensure that your car is always in ship shape, you should also consider collision and comprehensive coverage. Both policy clauses can ensure that your vehicle can be repaired without paying out of pocket for damage caused by natural disasters or accidents.

Ready to Buy Your Coverage?

You aren't ready to drive your new car until that signed and purchased auto coverage policy is in your hand (or glove compartment). Call a friendly Alliance Insurance agent to discover your many coverage options today.

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