Texas Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

When you establish a business, you need to protect yourself as well as your customers. As your assets grow, so does your need for commercial insurance coverage. Whether you own or lease a commercial building, or you run an e-commerce business out of your home, Alliance Insurance Agency can provide commercial coverage for your business in Texas. Read on to find out how commercial insurance can help you.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

In Texas, the only type of commercial insurance that's required by law is coverage for your business vehicle. If an employee of yours makes deliveries on your business's behalf, the car being used has to be insured for commercial use. The coverage has to extend to the driver as well. The same legal regulations concern you if you, as the sole proprietor, drive the business vehicle by yourself.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own your business property, commercial property insurance is a smart investment for you. This is especially true if you're still paying off your place of business, as your mortgage or business loan lender requires you to carry this type of coverage by default.

Though each commercial policy provided by Alliance Insurance Agency is specific to the holder, there are generally three types of coverage you can opt for:

  • Basic form policies
  • Broad form policies
  • Special form policies

Basic policies cover some natural disasters such as windstorms, hailstorms, and fires. In addition to this, broad form policies cover structural damage that is caused by natural disasters.

Special policies cover all of the above, but they also include all forms of loss. All policies, however, have specific exclusions no matter what tier of coverage you choose. Those exclusions can be flood damage, earthquakes, or vermin infestation.

Are You Ready to Purchase Your Commercial Policy?

Here at Alliance Insurance agency, you can customize your commercial coverage to fit your business. Call to speak to one of our friendly agents today about your options. We are standing by to serve your business, no matter where it's located in the state of Texas.

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